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How To and Help with Kingman High School Bulldogs
Website Features Seniors and Member Graduates

Points in the site that require your interaction will generally have a How To and Help section just like this one at the bottom of that page.

Use the Join Us links from your class list to become member, these auto complete most of the form and all you need to do is input a email address and password.

Class Not Listed? Class list are compiled from yearbooks as they become available online so your class may not be listed yet. Use the Join Us link on navigation to join. If you did not appear in the yearbook use same procedure.

Kingman High Seniors: We encourage you to Join Us and start posting current photos of school activities and other classmates to the Time Machine. With today's technology you have the opportunity to record a history of you high school experience like none before. Imagine visiting in 10 years, 20 or even 40 years!

Mobile Friendly! If you are using a mobile device this site is best view horizontally and is tested it using an iPhone 5s, very small screen, to insure accessibility.

Members should always log in when visiting, you will have more options and generally action features are one click, like registering for Events.

  Welcome Kingman High School Bulldogs