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About Us

Inspired in the spirit of

"If you build it they will come."

Field of Dreams

Itís really not about us, it is about you.

Kingman High School Bulldogs was developed exclusively for the graduates, faculty and guest of Kingman High School, Kingman, Arizona . It is a gift to all graduates of Kingman High School provided by the "I Survived The 70s Reunion Part 2" committee. We provide the platform and basic frame work, but it is up to all classmates of Kingman High School to build the network. The contributions each classmate makes and the interaction they have will determine the level of success for the site.

It is your efforts to connect with other classmates and get them to register that will determine the success of the site and the success of reunions in the future. It is your contributions to the Time Machine that create the content your fellow classmates will enjoy. It is your updates to the class list adding those who have pass away to the memorials and your comments with respect to the same.

Encourage classmates to register, keep their registration up to date and post content to the Time Machine. These are all the things that will make the site successful and planning of future reunions easier. Each and every classmate must engage to make this work, relying on two or three fellow classmates to do this will surely lead to mediocre success at best.

Members Site Features:

  • User Registration where any graduate, faculty and guest will register with minimum of Name, Email, Password and Graduation Year.

  • Ability to create an expanded profile and share with other members.

  • Will automatically connect and organize graduates of same year so you can easily make contact.

  • Event page where everyone can come and see event dates, times, and places so they can plan accordingly.

  • We offer the ability to  propose events and get feedback to help members develop their own unique events.

  • Post event section where photos, videos and other such items that capture your event can be shared. This also includes the ability to upload your photos and share them with other members.

  • There is an Event Manager to assist event organizers in organizing and promoting their events.

  • Complete communication abilities for Event Manager's to contact all individuals registered for their event and potential attendees as a group. Send your messages to all registered members of a class in one easy step.

  • And much more..

  Welcome Kingman High School Bulldogs