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Add Reunion Announcement

This form will create a basic event announcement and
you are not required to be registered with Kingman High School Bulldogs.
For security all submissions require approval before they become live on the site.
Use this form if you are managing your event through another method
 but want to post an announcement on our site.

Event Type
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Host Year  use 4 digit year - class host
Grads From use 4 digit year - use for multiple class events
Grads To use 4 digit year - use for multiple class events
Open Event All Grads
Begin Day of Week
Event Begin Date - Time Month Day Year  - Time
End Day of Week
Event End Date - Time Month Day Year  - Time
Event Short Title
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Cost per Adult No $ use 0.00 format - leave 0.00 if unknown at this time
Cost per Child
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Registration Form
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How To and Help Posting an Announcement
About Announcements Member Graduates

Visitors can contact you by submitting a form and that contact is sent to the contact email you input above. Your email address does not appear on the Announcement ( to avoid spam ) and phone number is optional.

You have the option to input postal information for mail in registrations and make available the printing of a Registration Form for visitors.

If you are member graduate you can utilize the Add Event link provided in the members area to add your event. This allows access to the Event Manager a full featured application allowing for multiple activities, registrations, contact list, registration list, full communications features and more.

We suggest your review the About Event Manager in the Members area before you post your event to the system.

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