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How to Register for an Event Online

Steps in Event Registration Online

1. Register for web site Kingman High School Bulldogs
2. Register for the Event you wish to attend.
3. Add your Guest to your Event registration
4. Register for any Activities that you wish to participate in if required.
5. Add your Guest for each Activity registration
6. Finalize your Event Plan to gain access to Billing and Payment options.
7. Pay either online or print and mail your registration

If you are not register for the site find you name on the class list on home page and register using the Join Us link and the screen shot below is the Members home page.
If you are already a Member click on the Members button to log in and get to this home page. If the Event you want to register for is for your Class Year then you will see it listed in the Scheduled or Propose Events.

Click on the Details button just to left of the Event Title.

Click on Details to go to the Event Detail page and register for Event.
Click on REGISTER to register for this Event.
Add your Event Guest to your Event Plan
Once you have all your Event Guest added, Add your Activities.
Now Add your Guest for this Activity

If you are done adding Guest for this Activity go back to
My Event Detail by clicking on Event Detail.
You will now see you Event Guest List, Activities list and number of Guest for Each.
Repeat all steps for registering for Activities for each Activity you want to attend.

You plan is now ready to Finalize and create your Billing Information.

Click on Finalize from top of My Event Detail

From My Billing Information select your payment choice to complete your registration.
Pay by Check - Print This Form
Finding My Event Plan after logging out of system.
Finding My Billing Info to make payment after logging in.
Final Notes

Please consider that your fellow classmates whom have taken it upon themselves to plan and organize an Event are under a great deal of pressure to complete their task.
Often venues for such event require signed contracts and min number of attendees.
The organizers become personally responsible for the fees associated with such events.
An event where registration is say $20.00 and they have reserved space for 50 people makes them liable for $1000.00. Boost that to 100 people and you are now liable for $2000.00.

You can help, Register and Pay as soon as possible!

This helps relieve your fellow classmates of this stress as soon as possible.

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