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How to Share

Help on how to Share Event Listings and Classmate Invitations on Facebook & Email

Sharing is an essential task to create a successful school site and event.
The most common and successful sharing is on Facebook and we have
integrated with Facebook to make this as easy as possible for you.
If your web browser will allow pop-ups you can simply click
on the Facebook "Share" button found on most pages.
If you are not logged into Facebook it will prompt you to log in
and present you with the Facebook log in.
, if your browser is blocking pop-ups this will not happen.
That is ok, simply log into Facebook as you normally do and then using "tab" open a
new browser window and navigate to the school site in that new tab.
Go to the page you wish to share and click on the Facebook "Share" button.

When you share an "Event Listing" the marketing image at the bottom of the
Event Listing now becomes the image on Facebook and
the system automatically adds descriptive title and text.
You can still add your own comments or simply "Post".
The next screen shot below show how this will look on Facebook.
( See below if you have problem on Facebook with image. )

Sharing unregistered Graduate Invitations you first follow
the log in procedure for Facebook from above.
Under the Graduates photo on the Class List you will see Send Classmate Invitation,
click on that link to open the screen shown below.
To post to Facebook, again just use the "Share" button and
see next screen shot on how this will look.
Using the Email Link just to left of Facebook links
will open a new email message through your email services.
Just as with Facebook, you should already have your email program open and running.
Input the email address for whom you are want to send the link to,
add any text you want and hit, send!

Problem with Image Appearing on Facebook?

Every now and then the wrong image or none at all will
show up on your new post to Facebook.
This is easy to fix, from the post as it appears on your Facebook personal page,
use the small "carrot drop down" arrow as show below,
to get a list of options you can perform with this post.
Click on "Refresh Share Attachment" and this should fix the problem.

Remember Sharing Creates Doorways to the Site

The more items shared the more chances of other classmates finding the site.

The more that Join the easier it is to have a successful Reunion or Event.

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