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Kingman High School Bulldog Time Machine Listings

Kingman High School 2017 50th Class of 67 Reunion Oct 20th & 21¸ 2017 There will be more info Posted on Face Book at MCUHS Class o f 67
Kingman High School 1973 1973 Bulldog Concert Band
Kingman High School 1973 Junior Play Tryouts
Kingman High School 1971 Yearbook 1971
Kingman High School 1971 Drama club
Kingman High School 1972 Studying
Kingman High School 1973 Drama Club 1973
Kingman High School 1975 New mom in 1975
Kingman High School 1972 Cheer Team at Game
Kingman High School 1972 Mr. Greer and Darwin Brown don't know exactly what it is!
Kingman High School 1972 Band at State Fair
Kingman High School 1972 Working on Float
Kingman High School 1977 Deb (Jett) Farner¸ Tari (Stevenson) Penrod¸ Gail (Stevenson) Tarson and Tiffin Miller hiking San Francisco Peaks in Flagstaff.
Kingman High School 1979 Deb (Jett) Farner and I goofing off in the Hualapai Mountains.
Kingman High School 1966 Diane¸ Jim¸ Mary¸ Gary and Bill pour over the many samples of announcements available for seniors to order
Kingman High School 1966 Terry Anderson¸ Kenny Pepiton¸ Denny May¸ Gary Torgerson¸ Margaret Morgan¸ Darce' PreFontaine¸ Merlyn Coffman and Ralph Gosch rehearse their parts in the senior class play¸ "The Mouse that Roared".
Kingman High School 1966 It's been a long grind¸" but Greg¸ Carl¸ and Pat are still pulling
Kingman High School 1966 Senior Sweetheart's¸ Phil Rich and Barbara Finn¸ help raise money by carrying books for junior Barbie Mclnroy
Kingman High School 1966 Mr. Milan¸ Mr. McDermatt¸ Mr. Davis¸ Mr. Spears¸ Mr. McMillian¸ Mr. Wicker¸ Mr. Breckenridge¸ Mr. Kinsey.
Kingman High School 1966 Another page of the Bulldog rolls off the new electric mimeograph machine.
Kingman High School 1966 Math II students John Kaiser and Lynn Hacker instruct students in an Advanced Math equation.
Kingman High School 1966 GET A HORSE!
Kingman High School 1971 The staging of the Drama Club members are¸ top to bottom¸ left to right-First row: Kathy Finnegan¸ Bev Garrison¸ Carolyn Owens¸ Alice McGalliard¸ Margaret Hammer¸ Margaret Benson¸ Maggie Wiseley¸ and Iris Torgerson. Second row-Darrell Phillips¸ Judy Cochran¸ Glenn Slavic¸ Louise Arronte¸ Dorry Jacobson¸ Ginger Steinburger¸ Everett Colbreath¸ Josi Morton¸ Barbara Allen¸ and Kathy Resch. Bottom row-Chris Muller¸ Michelle Wyman¸ Kitty Graves¸ Jane Torgerson¸ Hilda Boise¸ Celeste LaBrunda¸ Debbie DuBois¸ Amelia Uribe¸ Sally Morton¸ and Sponsor Mrs. Wolff.
Kingman High School 1971 Members of FHA are¸ top: Connie Zumwalt¸ Mrs. Zumwalt; second row: Diane Grimes¸ Cindy Wilson¸ Seobaghn Zumwalt¸ Becky Belding¸ Judy Conrath¸ Kathy Finnegan; third row: Barbara Allen¸ Mary Potter¸ Louise Arronte¸ Emma Wisely¸ Maggie Wisely; fourth row: Kathy Resch¸ Amelia Uribe¸ Grace Ricca¸ Elaine McDonald¸ Flossie Knautz; fifth row: Karen Hem street¸ Mrs. Hull¸ Linda Todd¸ Shannon McCommon¸ Eva Cote; sixth row: Janice Schroder¸ Vicki Johnson¸ Susan Morago¸ Lynn Walsh; seventh row: Janet Ottipoby¸ Karen Remy¸ Rosie DeBaca¸ Darlene Winkler.<
Kingman High School 1971 Kingman High School

Varsity Baseball Team

Serving on the Varsity Baseball Team for the year are; back row: Dave Dannenberger¸ Mike Roth¸ Carl Harnisch¸ Allen Dye¸ Scott Lander¸ John Waters¸ and Kim Yakus; Middle row: Pat Cook¸ Pat Cunningham¸ George Grantham¸ Marc Harnisch¸ Lyman Beecher¸ Larry Finch¸ Bill McBrayer¸ and Coach Jones; Front row: Mgr. Elwin Schaeffer¸ Darrell Willis¸ Dave Chaffee¸ Fred Lingenfelter¸ Rick West¸ and Doug Schaeffer.<
Kingman High School 1975 Raise your hand if you've been to Mr. D's
Kingman High School 1971 Cruising around town in the 70s.
Kingman High School 1971 Auto Club is one of Kingman High's newest organizations.

Students interested in auto mechanics were¸ back row: Doug Bennett¸ "Junie" Elwin Schaeffer¸ Steve Dovenspike¸ Mark Nelson¸ Tom Kern¸ Gary Rucker¸ John Dowling¸ Tom Blum¸ and John Allen; front row: Cheryll Rutter¸ Debbie Johnson¸ Diane Williamson¸ and Diane Kenney.<
Kingman High School 1971 The German Club is small but mighty this year. They have a German pen pal and hope to have a foreign exchange student in the near future. The VW Homecoming parade entry was elaborately decorated and showed their undying spirit. Mr. Mikelton sponsors the club again this year.

Pictured are: Mr. Mikelton¸ Sue Graham¸ Jim Strait¸ Bill Foutz¸ Steve Golding; second row: Lee White¸ Peggy Hammer¸ Pam Agee¸ Darlene Winkler.<
Kingman High School 1971 Those people who helped start the "Los Toreros" Spanish Club were¸ left to right¸ back row: Roger Bigelow¸ Pat Cunningham¸ Carol Bigelow¸ Linda Allen¸ Val Heath¸ Nancy Allen¸ Kim Helmer¸ Sharon Alworth¸ Jeanne Orr¸ and Mr. Murillo; standing¸ front row: Karen Smith¸ Debbie Pratt¸ Andra Kellum¸ Julie Cochran¸ Susan Richards¸ Judy Cantwell¸ Jan McVey¸ Bertha Gross¸ Elin Gaddis¸ and Myrt Glancy; sitting: Sam West¸ David Gross¸ Karen Remy¸ Kelly Attebery¸ Marsha Cordova¸ and Cathy Byrne.<
Kingman High School 1971 Concert Band Members are¸ standing: David Schamp¸ Becky Allen¸ Richard Beck¸ Mark Nelson¸ VVal Malvia. Second Row: Robin Allen¸ Jan McVey¸ Monty Brown¸ Roxanne Witte¸ Debbie Kemp¸ Barry Bailey¸ Richard Wilburn¸ John Conneally¸ David Street¸ John Osterman¸ Roger Bigelew¸ Sam Glasrock¸ Don Davenport¸ Robert Lawrey. Third Row: Diane Kenney¸ Jill Antles¸ Shawn Ferrell¸ Randy Hurst¸ Wyatt Cornwall¸ Donna Kenney. Fourth Row: Frankie Webb¸ Mary Potter¸ Vanessa Forsyth¸ lla Thompson¸ Chapo Chavez¸ Paul Forsyth¸ Tom Shipley¸ Craig Sand¸ Don Paulson¸ Sally Morton¸ Carol Bigelow¸ Naomi Willowby¸ Cody Waits¸ Jane Torgerson. Fifth Row: Gussie Riechardt¸ Louise Arronte¸ Sharon Alworth¸ Cathy Burn Byrne¸ Margaret Hammer¸ Seobaghn Zumwalt.
Kingman High School 1971 The Kingman High Marching Band is shown here practicing for the all-important ASU and NAU Band days.
Kingman High School 1971 Kingman High School

Varsity Basketball

The Varsity Team pictured here from left to right are: Coach John Lawrey¸ Larry Finch¸ John Waters¸ Fred Lingenfelter¸ Scott Lander¸ Dave Dannenberger¸ Mike Roth¸ Mike Lander¸ Steve Holmen¸ Tony Giustina¸ John Lawrey¸ and Dave Peterson.<
Kingman High School 1971 A bus full of Varsity football players¸ what better entry in a parade?<
Kingman High School 1971 Selling candy was the major money-making project of the pompon girls this Fall. Below¸ Marilyn Butler and Hilda Boise work overtime at Safeway. Forty cases of the candy were sold at school¸ at games¸ downtown¸ and house to house.
Kingman High School 1971 Four major projects are the business of the Letterman's Club. Among these are the care of the K¸ the Junior High Tournament¸ two initiations of the new members¸ and getting a Bulldog for the mascot at all sports events. The lettermen are¸ first row: Dave Patriquin¸ Richard Hanson¸ Mike Lander¸ Scott Lander¸ Larry Finch¸ Allen Dye¸ and Mike Roth; middle row: Ernie Fancher¸ Bob Hanes¸ Dave Chaffee¸ Fred Lingenfelter¸ and Bill Hanes; top row: Carl Harnisch¸ Alan Ellwanger¸ Dave Dannenberger¸ Kim Yakus¸ Lyman Beecher¸ and Ronnie White. Not pictured are Jim Davison¸ Cowboy Denton¸ Danny Dunn¸ Tony Giustina¸ Greg Parker¸ Terry Powell¸ Mike Touchette¸ and Johnny Waters.<
Kingman High School 1971 Student body officers for the 70-71 school year were Barbara Young¸ President; Gary Rucker¸ Vice President; Cheryll Rutter¸ Secretary; and Suzie May¸ Treasurer.<
Kingman High School 1971 Kingman High School

Varsity Football

The mighty Bulldogs are¸ kneeling: Bob Cruz¸ Dave Patriquin¸ Greg Parker¸ Cowboy Denton¸ Ernie Fancher¸ Lyman Beecher¸ Chris Eads¸ and Squibby Nish; standing: Coach Rex¸ Frank Hunt¸ Bill Hanes¸ Pat Cunningham¸ Johnny Waters¸ Jim Robinson¸ Budd Nash¸ Darrell Willis¸ Doug Schaeffer¸ Bob Hanes¸ Danny Dunn¸ and Coach Honsinger; top: Mike Corbin¸ Roy Wright¸ Fred Lingenfelter¸ Ronnie White¸ Kim Yakus¸ Don Power¸ Mike Lander¸ Mike Touchette¸ Tony Giustina¸ and Dave Chaffee.
Kingman High School 2008 This is a must do trip when you visit Washington State.
State Route 410 from Yakima west or from Tacoma east through

Mount Rainier National Park.
Kingman High School 2008 This is a must do trip when you visit Washington State.
State Route 410 from Yakima west or from Tacoma east through

Mount Rainier National Park.

This was early spring trip just after they opened the road.
As you can see they get a little snow in the winter months.<
Kingman High School 2008 This is a must do trip when you visit Washington State.
State Route 410 from Yakima west or from Tacoma east through

Mount Rainier National Park.<
Kingman High School 2008 This is a must do trip when you visit Washington State.
State Route 410 from Yakima west or from Tacoma east through

Mount Rainier National Park.<
Kingman High School 2006 This is a must do trip when you visit Washington State.
State Route 410 from Yakima west or from Tacoma east through

Mount Rainier National Park.<
Kingman High School 1969 J.C. Penney's pockets $4.16 as Jim Garman sells another MCUHS P.E. suit.<
Kingman High School 1969 Late 1920's and 1960's style is modeled by Candi Tucker.<
Kingman High School 1969 State of the Art in 1969.

New this year was COE Office Block in which Penny Brown¸ Terry Faucher¸ Judy Thomas¸ and Jean Schwartz learned the techniques and tricks of being a secretary.<
Kingman High School 1969 Sometime during the night of January 5¸ thirteen senior boys erected this plaque on top of the high school. After plotting all Christmas vacation they combined 1¸118 Coors cans¸ some plywood¸ and a little chicken wire into a monument for the new year of 1969.
Kingman High School 1967 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS- -Back: Ed Yarco¸ President; Sharon Taylor¸ Treasurer; Penny Burnham¸ Secretary; Steve Puckett¸ Vice - President. Front: Claudia Williams¸ Girls Representative; Roger Laulo¸ Boys Representative; Isabel England¸ S.R.B.<
Kingman High School 1967 Class of 1967 Donates Bulldog Plaque<
Kingman High School 1966 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS--Eileen Hamilton¸ Vice President; Barbara Finn¸ Secretary; Jim McDougal¸ President; Janet Leichsenring¸ Treasurer; Wayne Rutschman¸ Boys' Representative; Patsy Touchette¸ Girls' Representative; Marsha Eley¸ Clerk of the Board.
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